“HoneyPot” features the companies and artists from this program as we support their continued development of hybridization within the performing arts sector, including the support of live and digital engagement strategies that are designed to be meaningful for communities and building relationships between Artists, and those who can offer them professional opportunities.

The HoneyPot program is being held on Zoom concurrently throughout February and September/October annually.

Artists Connectivity Series

Since its launch in April 2020 we have grown a network of more than 3,000 professional artists.


Artists Connectivity creates a hub that embodies artists as the center of creation and innovation through global networking. This expansive and diverse community of individuals and organizations is connecting, supporting, nurturing, and developing sustainable practices in all artistic endeavors. S

We do this by:

Cultivating a space to honor and elevate the ongoing work of artists, making invisible labor visible.

Exchanging knowledge across borders, connecting artists both regionally and globally.

Facilitating opportunities for artistic collaboration, engagement, through ongoing dialogues digitally and in-person.

Fostering agency in artists through strategic mentorship and cross-disciplinary professional development.

Modeling financial sustainability that supports equitable practices.