Our Services

Strategic Management - Artists and Institutions

Working with our Creative Partners, Rhizome supports their unique goals and
visions for their best outcomes, be it live touring, hybridation or safety
standards and equitable contracting.

Our Strategic Partners are a limited number of partnerships with new and emerging
artist(s)to ensure we are giving our best selves to their endeavors.

The Artist Collective is a series of workshops and discussions that the Rhizome
partners or their curated guests provide to the creative community. Rhizome
Arts Consulting offers continuing education programs for arts professionals.

Rhizome has the expertise in our senior partners to provide interim Executive
Management to your organization during a transition or to be the desired
change agent to move your firm forward in the new dynamic,
post pandemic.ls.

Rhizome works with partners to provide Public Relations, and Branding expertise,
generating and providing content strategy, editing and refined messages to
ensure your right position in the market.

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