Two Kyiv City Ballet Dancers Set to Tour U.S. Returned to Ukraine to Fight

Ever since, the ballet troupe has made Paris its home-away-from-home base, taking occasional trips within Europe to perform, including at a fundraising gala at England's York Theatre Royale in June. In May, it locked in its first-ever visit to the United States, with a 15-stop tour, but that didn't mean the dancers weren't mentally still in their home country.

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Could new cooperatives provide a better business model for the arts? IAM spoke to the partners at Rhizome Arts Consulting – who have joined together to form a hybrid collective – to find out.

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Since its launch in April 2020 we have grown a network of more than 3,000 professional artists.


Artists Connectivity creates a hub that embodies artists as the center of creation and innovation through global networking. This expansive and diverse community of individuals and organizations is connecting, supporting, nurturing, and developing sustainable practices in all artistic endeavors. S

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