Our Services

Digital Engagement & Market Acceleration

Audience Development – Rhizome Arts Consulting works closely with clients to draw
information from data, to better understand your audiences. Deepen engagement
with existing audiences, but also a keen eye to new audiences.

Data Collection and Analysis – Develop digital mediums that allow us to collect additional
information and build new approaches to engage with audiences both in person and
virtually.Collaborative opportunities with gaming and technology industries.

Market Scoping – Understand how you might engage with markets and territories around
the World using data based on risk assessment and other research scoping
processes conducted by Rhizome.

Marketing Strategy – Based on data collected through a detailed scoping process,
Rhizome builds specific marketing plans alongside the Artistic companies, Arts
Presenters/Promoter, and Funders in order to maximize results as
objectives are indentified.

SMM (Social Media Management) services for Arts Organizations, Festivals and Venues
– Social Media Strategy and Content Planning Photography Graphic design Photo &
Video Editing Managing Social Media Inbox & Community Management Online
& Interactive Event Planning

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